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VoicePay for Contact Centers via WhatsApp

Voice-only communications are more vulnerable to fraud attacks now that computer technology can create synthetic versions of a real person’s voice that are convincing to the human ear.

ValidSoft’s biometric voice engine and anti- spoofing detection capabilities use algorithms that can detect synthetic voices, even highly accurate ones called deep fakes, and audio recordings. It can score transactions for biometric accuracy, synthetic detection and replay detection.

When a person registers to use ValidSoft’s system, it creates a three-dimensional mathematical model of the sound distortion created by a person’s physiology when air is released from the lungs.

Those voice models are matched when authenticating any subsequent transaction in a process that includes an obfuscated, nonidentifiable user ID provided by the customer. No personally identifiable information is required. Models cannot be reverse engineered.

Consumers register by reading a short phrase. Once the model has been created, subsequent payment transactions take about two seconds.

Reimagination Technologies is bringing ValidSoft voice biometrics to the market as part of its SocialCashier platform, which features VoicePay, a payment service delivered via WhatsApp, which is the top message app in Latin America and Europe.

Leveraging WhatsApp means that consumers don’t need to download a dedicated payment

app. Merchants send payment requests via WhatsApp and consumers decide to pay or decline.

Merchants that use contact centers for recurring payments can access VoicePay in the cloud via an API. Billers that mail paper invoices to customers are also potential clients as are merchants that do business via social commerce using WhatsApp.

Most contact centers outside the US and Europe are not yet PCI compliant. VoicePay, which can be white labeled, protects against fraud that can occur at those centers, especially insider fraud.

Merchant acquirer Nuvei has a revenue sharing partnership with Reimagination. Next month, a WhatsApp remittance module using Reimagination technology will be made available to credit unions in the US.

CyberSource, a Visa company, has a partnership with Reimagination to provide PCI DSS-compliant SocialCashier and VoicePay technology using tokenization and blockchain.

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