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The National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO)

The National Association of Credit Union Servicing Organizations (NACUSO) was formed in 1985 to help credit unions explore the use of CUSOs and the delivery of non-traditional products and services. Over the years, NACUSO's approach has evolved to help credit unions form multi-ownership CUSOs and engage in the collaborative and cooperative business model.

NACUSO Network

We are collaborative by our very nature, bringing together like-minded leaders in a fun, informative and productive environment. In 2012 we debuted with the Next Big Idea Contest. Following the free pattern of ABC's Shark Tank television show, we invite organizations to apply to present their innovative CUSO solutions on stage in front of a panel of judges. Since 2016, we have also offered facilitated partner connection sessions. If you've ever thought about investing in, starting, or simply participating in a CUSO, you'll want to attend these unique matchmaking sessions.


Our highly competitive marketplace and changing industry regulatory environment require our businesses to work faster and smarter. Therefore, the synergy between credit unions and CUSOs has never been more important. The treasure trove of knowledge offered by NACUSO and shared among its members is more relevant than ever in NACUSO's more than three decades of history.


NACUSO has become CUSO's leading regulatory advocate with a long history of association with firms such as Messick Lauer & Smith P.C. and Dollar Associates, LLC. Together we have been addressing issues that affect both credit unions and CUSOs, such as the MBL Cap, the NCUA CUSO Regulations, the NCUA Risk-Based Capital Regulations, etc. NACUSO is focused on ensuring that the credit union movement can use and benefit from CUSO for years to come.


NACUSO has evolved from an organization in 1985 that provided education and advice on CUSO formation and operation to one that helps credit unions collaborate, innovate, and build business networks. NACUSO has adapted to meet the changing needs of the credit union industry. Today, NACUSO is “an educational organization comprised of a network of contributors and innovators who embrace a positive industry message and amplify the voice of credit unions and CUSOs by providing resources to help people collaborate , identify opportunities, build businesses, find solutions and get things done.”

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