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Blip: AI solutions to enhance your business objectives via chat​

Blip arrives in Mexico with conversational AI, generative AI and social listening solutions to help companies connect with their users at scale and monetize conversations in the main messaging applications.

Blip, the leading SaaS platform in Brazil, arrives in Mexico to revolutionize the way companies connect and talk with their customers. With their conversational AI, generative AI and social listening solutions, they manage to enhance companies' business objectives, using artificial intelligence to understand what customers want, at what time and through what channel or platform.

Blip solutions arise in response to the drastic change in user behavior. Today, they no longer want to receive telemarketing phone calls nor do they respond to email newsletters; They prefer to have chat conversations, which give them the possibility of responding at the most appropriate time for them, receiving quick and personalized attention, having the history of a ticket raised in writing, and connecting with a human agent when necessary. In fact, according to Statista, today the opening rate of a WhatsApp message is greater than 85% versus just 19-20% for an email.

In view of the clear resistance on the part of users to traditional contact methods, and with a view to innovating and having a presence in the channels where customers are, more and more businesses have chosen to integrate conversational solutions to continue connecting with them.

However, it is not only a matter of talking, but also of using artificial intelligence to build quality relationships, qualify leads, sell and monetize your conversations through applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

In Brazil, WhatsApp is used for absolutely everything: from taking out insurance or booking a flight, to asking the bot for gift suggestions and completing purchase transactions without leaving the app. We are happy to bring our solutions to Mexico to take our clients' conversational channels to the next level,” comments Diana González, Country Manager of Blip in Mexico.

Beyond activating a business account on WhatsApp, Blip has been able to enhance the reach of artificial intelligence and stay ahead of trends. With the help of bots powered by generative AI, Blip experts ensure that their conversational solutions are capable of maintaining real and fluid conversations: they send and receive text messages and voice notes, provide personalized recommendations to the user's purchasing preferences, and they accompany people during each stage of the purchasing process, even after completing the transaction by sending satisfaction surveys and promotions to build customer loyalty.

“We develop the best solutions so that, in turn, our clients can offer quality conversational experiences and so that the difference between chatting with a bot or with a real person is practically imperceptible. Of course, the user should always have the option to connect with an operator who can follow up on a specific ticket. Only in this way can the level of customer satisfaction be raised,” says González.

According to data from Meta, 70% of adults in 10 countries prefer conversational commerce, which is the meeting point between consumers and companies. Even the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is betting on WhatsApp for companies as Meta's growth engine in the coming years, a mobile application that has 63 million active users in Mexico, which represents a huge opportunity for Mexican businesses, which goes beyond activating a profile on WhatsApp Business, which only allows one-on-one interaction with customers.

For those companies that want to connect on a large scale with their users, send massive campaigns and maintain active chats with hundreds of customers simultaneously and automate their conversations, they must open an account on WhatsApp Business Platform, the version for medium and large companies, and To do this, they require the services of a Meta Partner. In that sense, Meta develops the platforms (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and commercial partners develop the conversational technology to make these experiences possible, and Blip is one of Meta's most important partners in Latin America. It has helped companies such as Coca-Cola, Fiat, Claro and Nestlé drive their business objectives with its conversational solutions.

“At Blip, we are committed to exploring how far technology can take us, but always putting the user at the center of our operation. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge technology to be the bridge that businesses need to continue connecting with their customers,” concludes the Country Manager of Blip Mexico.

by: Forbes Content

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